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Validate business idea

Sprout offers ready-to-eat plant-based food delivered weekly based on a subscription model.


The Beetnut restaurant team had an idea to offer a subscription-based, ready-to-eat delivery service. They were searching for a company to help build the product, validate the business idea through co-creation with the team and other agencies.

How WeSlam helped

We took responsibility for product development and coordinated with other agencies involved in the project. Through qualitative validation, we developed a no-code MVP and built a subscription shop using bubble.io, enabling users to easily create accounts, choose their favourite dishes, and make automatic payments via Stripe.

To further enhance the user experience, we also integrated SMS communication via Twilio and connected the Velokurier API to reduce manual work on weekends. All without code 🤯


Although we received positive feedback on the product from customers, we struggled to scale the product in the market while maintaining a positive business case. After careful consideration, the decision was made to discontinue the product.

However, the iterative process provided valuable insights for future projects and allowed the customer to stop the project in a timely manner and manage a meaningful cost/benefit ratio.