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Optimize App Experience

SecureSafe, a Swiss multi-award-winning password and file manager, for business and private customers.


While DSwiss focuses mainly on its business customers, its private customer solution showed great potential and market opportunities.WeSlam was commissioned to identify and optimise the user experience of the SecureSafe B2C app.

How WeSlam helped

We conducted a UX review and analyzed existing product data, which showed that improving the onboarding process could significantly enhance the user experience.

Our new onboarding flow prioritizes the core loop, allowing users to quickly and easily save and autofill  their password. Through customer interviews, we identified other challenges that users faced while using the app.

We also introduced new approaches to product challenges and ways of thinking to the team.


With simplifying the onboarding and activation journey we increased the rate of users who started saving passwords. Also the amount of saved passwords per user has increased.

This improvement should also have a further positive impact on retention and results in more active users and paying customers over the long term.