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Validate new services

Migros-Engagement creates a wide range of opportunities and launches bold initiatives in the areas of community, culture, education, health, technology and ethics, as well as climate and resources.


Following a strategic realignment, the team around Migros Engagement is focusing on enabling people to implement their social and cultural projects.

Digital services for the different target groups had been pre-defined in order to multiply the impact of the Migros engagement team.

WeSlam was tasked with validating the newly defined target groups, testing the conceptually defined services with real customers, and designing them through several iterations.

How WeSlam helped

We started with a design sprint to define a common goal and approach with the various teams/areas. The first ideas from the sprint were taken along and then developed in several iterations and tested with end customers. In this way, we were able to ensure that the services generate added value for both sides in the shortest possible time and with limited effort.


This helps the Migros-Engagement team to better understand the needs and desires of the target groups and to offer services that provide higher added value and thus increase the strategic impact.